Comedy Sketch Writing Contest Guidelines

Gutty’s Sketchpad, the sketch comedy branch of Gutty’s Comedy Club’s, is happy to announce the first of many comedy sketch-writing contests. All submissions will be reviewed by the GCC Sketchpad Committee.

**** NOTE  Submit your sketch comedy script now until October 1, 2019.  (Must be received by 10/01/2019 to be considered for this round) ****

$20 Submission

The Challenge:

Write a short, family-friendly, 4-5 minute comedy sketch highlighting at least 2 comedy characters, but no more than 5 characters, that can potentially become recurring roles in future sketches if you are chosen as the winner of the Gutty’s Sketch Pad Contest.


As with everything Gutty’s Comedy Club produces, these comedy shorts must be clean, family friendly sketches. (PG rated) Therefore, avoid gratuitous cursing. Any unnecessary language will be scored down and possibly disqualified.

Scripts must remain bipartisan in nature, meaning the script can be political in nature but cannot favor a particular viewpoint.  Any script pushing a political stance, leaning either to the conservative side or the liberal side will be scored down or possibly disqualified from the contest.

The Prize:

The winning sketch will be performed in the Gutty’s Sketch Pad Showcase at Gutty’s Comedy Club. The winning sketch will also be filmed by Powerhouse Productions and may be featured on Gutty’s Comedy Club’s and Powerhouse Production’s YouTube channels. The winning sketch may also be included in the annual Gutty’s Sketch Pad video showcase.